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Focus theme is built with accessibility in mind.

  • ARIA:
    • Non-interactive elements, such as decorative icons, have an aria-hidden attribute.
    • Interactive controls have appropriate ARIA roles.
    • ARIA IDs are unique.
  • Color contrast: contrast ratio between text and background is within the AA level (4.5:1).
  • Links: links inside paragraphs are underlined by default.
  • Headings structure: headings do not skip levels when descending.
  • Images: all images have alt attributes.
  • Forms: Forms have field labels associated with the form controls (in some cases visually hidden).
  • Keyboard navigation:
    • Pages include a "Skip to main content" link at the beginning.
    • Interactive controls are keyboard focusable.
    • Pages have a logical tab order.
  • Landmarks: HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve navigation (<nav>, <main>...)
  • Language: <html> element has a <lang> attribute.
  • Valid W3C code: The code is fully compliant with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium.